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The global agriculture and food after Covid19 - webinar

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How has the pandemic affected the global agrifood? There are many questions still unanswered, and the pubic debate on agriculture after COVID‐19 is just beginning. It is very timely that we bring together some world experts on the issue from some leading organizations

While countries lift quarantine measures hoping for everything to get back to normal, most experts do not expect this return to normality to come soon – some even predict that everything will be different after COVID-19.

Food is at the top of the pyramid of human needs and the question of global food security is more pertinent now than ever. How has the pandemic affected food supply – or is it food supply chain disruptions ? Which parts of the chain are effected most? When can the world expect unblocking of food supply chains? How is world trade of foods affected? Consumer demand has been restructured, more food at home – less away from home is consumed, and online sales have increased – will this persist? How will the newly released Farm2Fork policy of the EU affect EU agriculture, food security, and Europe’s reaching the SDGs. How does this impact the developing world? Is technology going to do its miracle again?

The panelists are world experts in agriculture and food, participating from Belgium, France, Italy, USA and Sweden.

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Tid: 2020-05-27 17:00 - 19:00
Ort: Globalt webbinarium
Arrangör: Professor Konstantinos Karantininis, institutionen för arbetsvetenskap, ekonomi och miljöpsykologi, SLU Alnarp
Sidansvarig: marianne.persson@slu.se