Desirée Guidobaldi Stenbacka

Desirée Guidobaldi Stenbacka


I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. within wildlife movement ecology, investigating which landscape structure affects how moose utilize the habitat, linked to forest damage at multi-scales. 


We investigate a multi-scales effect of heterogeneous landscape spatial structure on moose movement patterns, translated into forest browsing damage. We face the challenges and opportunities in integrating ecological knowledge across scales by applying modeling of habitat selection such as step-selection function and resource selection. We also consider movement in different behavioral states in response to landscape configuration and composition.


2012-2015 B.Sc. Environmental and Safety Engineering (180hp), Insubria University, Varese, Italy. 

10/2020-03/2022 M.Sc. Wildlife Management Conservation and Control (120 hp), University of Sassari, Italy.

I have built up my interdisciplinary experience, by working as environmental and water consulting engineer in different countries (Italy, Sweden, New Zealand), and joining different kinds of fieldwork during the summer period.

While during my Master's degree, I worked in a temporary position as a wildlife officer at the Administration County Board (Länsstyrelsen) Dalarna.