Desirée Guidobaldi Stenbacka

Desirée Guidobaldi Stenbacka


I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. within wildlife movement ecology, investigating which factors affect how herbivores use multifunctional forests. 

The overall aim of the project is to understand what factors affect large, long-lived herbivore decision making concerning their movement, use of space and habitat utilisation and how these processes are affected by modern anthropogenic disturbances.

Inwho are not only important ecosystem engineers but also produce important ecological, cultural and economic value in Scandinavia.  creasing human activity poses a significant threat to wildlife, their management and habitat. This is especially true for moose  

My research attempts to investigate how a combination of abiotic, biotic, and human-driven processes determine the movement of GPS-marked moose. 

Along with a broader scale analysis, I will also focus on the fine scale, including the differences among individuals, and detecting their cognition and memory-driven decisions from a behavioral perspective.

The role of adaptive management will also be covered in my research and will seek to better understand the dynamics of forest management and collaboration among stakeholders. More specifically, the research will focus on the conflict between forestry and wildlife resources arising from browsing damage.  

The strong belief that drives my research is the importance of partnerships of managers, scientists and other stakeholders who learn together to reach the same goal to design the best approach and management actions to deal with uncertainty inherent in environmental changes to maintain long-term sustainable resource systems.

Despite my different background as an Environmental and Safety engineer, my interest in nature and wildlife builds the red line in my career from different perspectives. The first included more Environmental Impact Assessment analysis while my research involved more of the wildlife dynamics perspective.


2012-2015 B.Sc. Environmental and Safety Engineering (180hp), Insubria University, Varese, Italy. 

10/2020-03/2022 M.Sc. Wildlife Management Conservation and Control (120 hp), University of Sassari, Italy.

I have built up my interdisciplinary experience, by working as environmental and water consulting engineer in different countries (Italy, Sweden, New Zealand), and joining different kinds of fieldwork during the summer period.

While during my Master's degree, I worked in a temporary position as a wildlife officer at the Administration County Board (Länsstyrelsen) Dalarna.