Development research funding is vital to tackle global challenges

Publicerad: 30 juni 2023

A new blog post has been published, written by Paul Egan, research advisor, and Sara Gräslund, head of SLU Global, reflecting of the benefits of development research for tackling the global challenges that affect us all.

"There is no doubt that international development cooperation funding has to tend to many different needs, including humanitarian emergencies in Ukraine. However, there are good reasons to look closer at the benefits of the now cut Swedish development research funding, and start considering different possibilities to enable these benefits moving forward."

Recently the Swedish government decided to stop funding the Swedish Research Council’s (VR’s) development research through the budget for international development cooperation. VR can according to this new decision not enter into any new contracts for development research from June 30, 2023. The current call cycles for VR development research are hence stopped.

Read the full blog post here

Read about the decision to cut the development research 


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