Jonas Hentati Sundberg

Jonas Hentati Sundberg


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. September 2021 - 

Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. September 2017 - 2021.  

PhD from Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University) 2015. PhD thesis title: "SEA CHANGE - Social-ecological co-evolution in Baltic Sea fisheries". 

Research interests: 

- The use of Ai for biodiversity monitoring and applied research, in particular using video suveillance, animal-borne loggers and sailing drones, in marine systems. 

- Novel hydro-acoustical tools (eg. broadband hydroacoustics, marine drones) for fish data collection 

- Interactions between fish-eating seabirds (particularly common guillemot), fish stocks and fisheries. 

- Dynamics of linked social-ecological systems (such as fisheries) and the role of management in shaping fisheries and other resource use systems. 

I'm studying seabirds at Stora Karlsö in the Baltic Sea, where AI is increasingly used to monitor the birds' daily life. See more here: here.

Since November 2019, my department SLU Aqua owns a sailing drone (SLU Aqua Sailor) which can collect high resolution fish data for extended periods (weeks - months) completely without CO2 emissions. Read more about this here.


Teaching 2017 - 2021: 

- SLU Sustainability perspectives on contemporary fisheries. Where have all the fishes gone? (MX0143)
- Uppsala University, Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures (1MV071), 2019
- SLU Ecology, basic course (BI1039).  

- SLU Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation (BI1269)

- SLU Principles of Fisheries Science (BI1270)

- SLU Prospects and Challenges for Sustainable Food Systems (LV0103)


I'm a Work Package leader for fisheries acoustics in the EFICA consortium (European Fisheries Inventory in the Central Arctic Ocean), a EU-funded consortium to investigate fish biodiversity, abundance and distribution in the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO). The consortium will participate in two expeditions to the Central Arctic Ocean, the Mosaic expedition with R/V Polarstern October 2019 - October 2020 and with R/V Oden July - October 2020.  

En bräda med segel på ett lugnt hav
SLU Aqua Sailor, a sailing drone
En vuxen fågel och en unge på en klipphylla
Guillemot, adult and chick, on the Karlsö Auk lab
Nio fåglelindivider med färgade rutor runt varje fågel
Guillemot filmed with surveillance camera and detected using an Object Detection algorithm.




Emma Björkvik, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2013

Maja Berggren, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2013

Katharina Fryers-Hellqvist, main supervisor, B.Sc., Stockholm University, 2014

Jessica Spijkers, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2015

Per-Arvid Berglund, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2016

Emelie Delphin, main supervisor, M.Sc. Stockholm University 2019

Elida Lundgren, co-supervisor, B.Sc. Uppsala University 2019

Emma Björvik, co-supervisor, Ph.D. Stockholm University 2020

Blanca Sarzo, co-supervisor, Ph.D. University of Valencia 2020

Emma Engwall, co-supervisor, B.Sc., Linnaues University 2020

Erika Karlsson, main supervisor, B.Sc., Umeå University, 2020 

Elin Rydevik, main supervisor, B. Sc., Umeå University, 2021

Astrid Carlsen, co-supervisor, PhD, SLU (ongoing)


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