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Jonas Hentati Sundberg

Jonas Hentati Sundberg

Selected publications

12. Hentati-Sundberg J. & Olsson O. (2016) Amateur photographs reveal population history of a colonial seabird. Current Biology 26: 226-228. This paper was featured in international media in many countries, including Der Speigel, the Economist and Toronto Star.

11. Boonstra W. J. & Hentati-Sundberg J. (2016). Classifying fishers’ behaviour. An invitation to fishing styles. Fish and Fisheries 16: 78-100.

10. Kadin M., Olsson O., Hentati-Sundberg J., Willerström Ehrning E. & Blenckner T. (2016) Common Guillemot Uria aalge parents adjust provisioning rates to compensate for low food quality. IBIS 158: 167-178.

9. Lade S.J., Niiranen S., Hentati-Sundberg J., Blenckner T., Boonstra W.J., Orach K., et al. (2015) An empirical model of the Baltic Sea reveals the importance of social dynamics for ecological regime shifts. PNAS 112: 11120–11125

8. Hentati-Sundberg, J., Hjelm, J., Boonstra, W. J., & Österblom, H. (2015). Management Forcing Increased Specialization in a Fishery System. Ecosystems 18 (1): 45-61

7. Hentati-Sundberg, J., Hjelm, J., & Österblom, H. (2015). Does fisheries management incentivize non-compliance? Estimated misreporting in the Swedish Baltic Sea pelagic fishery based on commercial fishing effort. ICES Journal of Marine Science 71 (7): 1846-1853

6. Hentati-Sundberg J., & Hjelm J. (2014). Can fisheries management be quantified? Marine Policy, 48, 18–20.

5. Crona B., Daw T.M., Swartz W., Norström A.V., Nyström M., Thyresson M., Folke C., Hentati-Sundberg J., et al. (2015) Masked, diluted and drowned out: how global seafood trade weakens signals from marine ecosystems. Fish and Fisheries doi: 10.1111/faf.12109

4. Cross, A. D. P., Hentati-Sundberg, J., Österblom, H., McGill, R. a. R., & Furness, R. W. (2014) Isotopic analysis of island House Martins Delichon urbica indicates marine provenance of nutrients. Ibis 156, 676–681.

3. Hentati-Sundberg J., Österblom H., Kadin M., Jansson Å. & Olsson O. (2012) The Karlsö Murre Lab methodology can stimulate innovative seabird research. Marine Ornithology 40: 11–16.

2. Kadin M., Österblom H., Hentati-Sundberg J. & Olsson O. (2012) Contrasting effects on food quantity and quality on a marine top predator. Marine Ecology Progress Series 444: 239-249

1. Österblom H., Sumaila U.R., Bodin Ö., Hentati-Sundberg J., Press A.J., (2010) Adapting to Regional Enforcement: Fishing Down the Governance Index. PLoS ONE 5(9): e12832.


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