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Welcome to SLU!

Welcome to the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - SLU. We hope that you will enjoy your new place of work. Here we have gathered information specifically for new employees at SLU. For more information, please browse our staff web. If you have any more questions, please turn to the person in charge of human resource matters at your department or division.

This is SLU

SLU has the knowledge and tools to bring about genuine change. We contribute to something greater and life-changing. Through education, research and environmental assessment we are creating the right conditions for a sustainable, thriving and better world. A short presentation about us.

SLU is you – a film that visualises our brand

This is SLU – our identity, our colours, our look and our language – in short our brand.

Certificate of employment

The certificate of employment which you received when you began working at SLU contains important information regarding your employment such as your salary and period of employment. Please ensure that the information listed in the certificate is correct.

Bank account

If you do not have a bank account with Nordea, you need to register your bank account in another bank with them. Register your bank account at Nordeas website. (When registering a bank account, enter 506650 as the employer´s reg. number).

Tax card

In order for your income tax to be correct, you must submit a tax card to your Payroll Administrator.


Introduction days are arranged at the campuses every year. Information about when the introduction day will be held will be given to you by your Head of Department or your Department Administrator.

Published: 12 December 2022 - Page editor: PAVD-WEBB@slu.se

The Staff Web

The SLU staff web is the university’s intranet and contains useful tools and information for employees.

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