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Quality assurance of SLU's education

The quality assurance process at SLU is systematic and regular. Every year, the university checks if the quality standards are met at selected programs/areas. 

More information about the quality assurance process at SLU

In accordance with the national system for quality assurance of higher education, which is applied during the years 2017-2022, all Swedish higher education institutions are required to develop and implement a system for quality assurance of their own programs, while the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) conducts quality assurance work and carries out educational evaluations. SLU's quality assurance work was reviewed in 2019.

SLU's quality assurance system in education is illustrated by a "quality cube":

  • Each side of the cube represents the key components of quality work: the teaching staff/instructors, the students/doctoral candidates, the formal operational organization, and the monitoring tools (statistics, course evaluations, and other assessments).
  • The roof represents the framework for education (external and internal regulatory documents).
  • The bottom base represents university administration and infrastructure (providing support and practical foundations for educational activities).
Published: 24 January 2024 - Page editor: plan-webb@slu.se

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