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Last changed: 09 January 2018

This page was created to help doctoral students find important Staff web pages.

You can also find general information about doctoral education at SLU at the staff web.

Advice and support

Template for doctoral student registration of net study time

With the help of an  SLU-approved template  the doctoral student continually registers the type and extent of activities not included in the program but conducted in parallel with the postgraduate program. Download a copy of the template and enter editing mode.

Recommended routine for calculating net study time

1. Activities included in the postgraduate education are specified in the ISP.

2. The doctoral student registers, using the SLU-approved template, the  type and extent of activities not included in the course of education but conducted in parallel with the postgraduate program.

3. Doctoral education administrator at the department or equivalent issues instructions, Ladokutdrag and Ladokrapport form to the main supervisor well in advance of each half-yearly report to Ladok.

4. The main supervisor and doctoral student, using the doctor's own registration and other relevant information on sick leave, etc., review the amount of time spent on postgraduate education in the last six months, reaching consensus and filling in the Ladok report, after which both sign it.

5. The head of department reviews and approves the Ladok report for registration. If the main supervisor and doctoral student fail to reach a consensus, the head of department takes decisions on the net study time in their place.

6. The Deputy Ladok Administrator registers the Ladok Report.


Information from the faculties

Patent and commercialisation of research results

Free assistance with questions related to cooperation with industry, patents, contracts, business law and financing:  SLU Holding 

Legal questions

  • Advice and support for contract management, guidelines on scientific misconduct etc:  Legal affairs

Ethical questions

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