Press releases and media contacts

Last changed: 27 October 2023

The Division of Communication can help you with your contacts with media.

News assessment

  • Start with assessing whether your news is interesting to external audiences and can generate publicity.
  • Consider what's new, why it's compelling, when it's relevant, how to explain it simply, and who it affects.

Advice on writing news articles

  • Use simple language with a neutral tone.
  • Your text should follow SLU's language policy.
  • Choose an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Provide contact information and photos.

Ask the press contacts at SLU

Questions about when to use press releases and other media issues can be put to the press contacts at SLU's different locations. 

Are you going to defend your thesis?

The page below contains some advice on how to write a popularly written text about your findings.