Template for fact sheet (InDesign)

Last changed: 12 February 2024
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A fact sheet is a concise publication containing research-based knowledge aimed at professionals. It is usually part of a series of fact sheets and always has a responsible publisher within SLU. Please note that the template for fact sheet is only available in Swedish.



Creating a fact sheet is suitable for research with concrete results that can be beneficial for professionals or in society. The fact sheets may include tips, advice, or how-to lists. Purpose, method, results, discussion, and conclusions are elements that should normally be included in the publication.

The content of the fact sheets should adhere to SLU's communication policy in terms of objectivity, credibility, accessibility, timeliness, quality, and responsibility.

The fact sheets are primarily conveyed in digital form but can be printed when necessary.

For advanced InDesign users

To use the template (only available in Swedish), you need to have the latest version of Adobe InDesign and a good understanding of the program. If you don't have this, you can seek assistance from SLU Layout and Print Services Unit for a fee (grafiskservice@slu.se). Please note that the InDesign templates utilize the fonts Akzidenz Grotesk and Bembo. Read more about the fonts and how to get access to them. 

Template format

The template is four pages long and in A4 size, with spaces for the fact sheet's own distinctive image in both the header and footer of each page.

The fact sheet template is accessibility-adapted and designed for electronic publication. With some manual adjustments, it is also possible to prepare the template for print.


Creative commons

SLU recommends the CC BY-ND license, and these CC badges (labels) are available in the template.

BY (Attribution): Licensees are allowed to copy, distribute, and display the work, as well as make adaptations and remixes, but only if they give credit to the author or licensor.

ND (No Derivatives): Licensees are allowed to copy, distribute, and display only the original copies of the work, with no adaptations or remixes.

More information: Creative Commons (Wikipedia)


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