Brand manual

Last changed: 08 January 2024

The SLU brand manual describes how we communicate what we do. In addition to the manual, there is a short film visualising our frame story and visual identity.

To establish credibility, we must be clear, stand out as a single sender and build relationships with our target groups. Our brand is a way of embracing all of SLU under a shared, and therefore powerful, image.

The aim is to speak with one voice and express ourselves in such a way that our goals, our identity, our position and our values are perfectly clear to our audience.

You are an important part of SLU and together, we contribute to something much bigger and absolutely vital.

The brand manual in four parts and as a film

Our Brand

SLU’s brand is the thoughts, feelings and associations created in the minds of those who hear about or come into contact with us.

Picture of a cat sitting of a woman's shoulder looking into the camera.

Visual identity

The parts of our visual identity offer many opportunities for creative combinations and adaptations, while maintaining a uniform visual identity and creating recognition.

Communicating SLU

Whether we are presenting SLU as a whole, a specific organisational unit, or creating a promotion, all parts must create a strong whole together. This enhances our collective capacity and makes it clearer to the world what we stand for.

Picture of a combination of different illustrations and icons used to communicate SLU.

Formulations and messages

This is how we formulate ourselves when we speak, write and appear in public.

SLU is you – a film that visualises our brand

This is SLU – our identity, our colours, our look and our language – in short our brand.


The parent brand SLU

The parent brand is the umbrella brand that covers the entire university organisation. The brand manual applies to our parent brand, SLU.

SLU should primarily stand as a single brand, making the logo the clear overall sender. All activities and parts of the organisation should have descriptive names. No individual logos are permitted.

The first time the university’s name is used in copy, it is always spelled out – the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. After that, you can use the abbreviation SLU.

By consistently highlighting SLU as the sender, we make our identity clear in our communication. This reduces the risk of uncertainty at the recipient's end, and boosts trust in our operations.


Brand Management and Communication Platforms Unit 
Division of Communication