Promotional and gift items

Last changed: 03 October 2022
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SLU's promotional items include clothing and gift items with the SLU logo. Our promo items are a way of promoting SLU and are intended to enhance our university's image.

Promotional items at SLU Service centre

You can see the hole range of promotional items, clothes and gifts at the service centers in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala. You can also buy the items here for personal use using a credit card.

Exposure of SLU's promotional items at SLU Service Centre.

You can buy our promotional gifts and items at SLU Service Centre.

Promotional items in Proceedo

SLU's employees can see SLU´s range of promotional items and prices in the purchase and invoice system Proceedo.

The page will open in a new window. This means you have to allow pop-up windows before you can place your order. Log in via your AD and password.


Only authorised customers can place an order in Proceedo. If SLU is paying for the promotional items, the order must be placed via Proceedo. 

Some examples from the range of promotional items

Tree trays of different sizes and with different motives (Black Grouse, Char and European peacock butterfly)  painted by the artist Roland Jonsson (also an honorary doctor at SLU since 2016)..
Three trays picturing watercolors of Char, Black Grouse and European Peacock butterflies painted by the artist Roland Jonsson, who became honorary doctor at SLU in 2016. Roland Jonsson has also painted and designed the Nobel diplomas some years for the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. On the back of each tray there is an SLU logo, a short text about SLU and a short text about the artist.
Two small jars of honey made at SLU in Röbäcksdalen. The labels of the jar shows yellow text on a dark green background and the left one is written in Swedish and the right one is in English. Photo.
A small jar (75 gr) of honey from SLU's research facility in Röbäcksdalen. Brief information about the activities in Röbäcksdalen as well as the research and education on honey bee health conducted within the whole of SLU is printed on the label of the jar. The jars are available with labels in Swedish and English.
A dark green baseball cap with SLU in white letters with a green embroided  stitching. Detail in red. Photo.
A dark green baseball cap with white SLU letters surrounded with green embroided stitchings. A red detail on the front of the peak.
Writing pad with lines, ring bond and SLU-print on the cover. Photo.
Lined spiral notebook. 50 sheets/book. 90 g white uncoated paper. Eco-labeled, Swan certificated.
T-shirt with SLU:s brand promise, paper bag with the brand proimse and SLU collage, a white thermos with brand promise in grey and a a  grey mug with white SLU logo. A card with SLU logo and brand promise, and a usb stick in bamboo with the brand promise. Photo.
Some examples of SLU´s profile products: T-shirt, paper bag with string, thermos, card with envelope and USB flash drive. Look at the entire range of profile products via Proccedo.
The SLU tote bag in off white with a green SLU brand print, a green key strap with a SLU logo and a white clip-on reflector with a black SLU logo and brand promise. Photo.
Three new promotional items: The SLU tote bag in off white with a green print containing our illustrations and the logo, a green key strap with the logo and brand promise, and a white clip-on reflector with a black logo and brand promise.

How to make an order

Order well in advance

Make sure to order well in advance if you need a product for a certain date. The order will only be sent after your line manager has approved the order in Proceedo. It will then be another 1–3 days before the product is available to pick up. If something is out of stock, you will be informed of this as well as when you will be able to order it again.


You will receive an email when your order is ready to pick up, either from the service centre or from the Layout and Print Services Unit (depending on what you have ordered). To pick up your order, you need to present the Proceedo order page (on your phone or a printed copy) with the order number on it (starts with PO).


Are you not a customer of Proceedo and want to make a purchase?

Ask a colleague who has Proceedo access to place the order on our behalf.

If you are interested in Proceedo training in English to get access to the system, please contact


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