Last changed: 08 January 2024

Opacity, gram weight, grain etc. are all parameters to consider when selecting paper.

Choice of paper

SLU uses paper as a carrier of external and internal communication. Based on environmental and climate aspects, we have tested and evaluated most papers on the market.  The technical performance of the different paper qualities has been taken into account when choosing our standard paper.

To be able to label a print with the Swan or FSC label, the paper you use must fulfil certain requirements. SLU recommends the following types of paper:

  1. Wood-free coated paper: Arctic the Matt, manufactured by Grycksbo Bruk, Dalarna.
  2. Wood-free uncoated paper: Munken Polar and Munken Polar Rough, manufactured by Munkedals bruk in Bohuslän.

The reason for picking these papers is that they have good technical values, that they are approved for FSC and Nordic Eco labelled print provided the printing house is certified, and that they are affordable, have the lowest climate impact. In addition, they do not need to be transported long distances to the printing house.


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