Last changed: 11 December 2019

Our illustrations show the different disciplines of the university and were created for profiling and marketing purposes. There are also silhouettes of our campuses. Staff and students at SLU can access the illustrations in the media bank and use them in information or marketing materials.

The illustrations can be used in both print and digital channels, in three different styles: 

  • Black
  • Black + profile colour
  • Filled with cutouts from SLU's profile collage


The illustrations are made in three versions: black, black + green and filled in with SLU's profil collage.

Only these changes to the illustrations are allowed:

  • Changing one of the SLU colours, black or white.
  • Changing size (proportionally).
  • Combining several illustrations.

State the name of the illustrator

The name of the illustrator should be given in direct connection with an image. 

Write "Illustration: Fredrik Saarkoppel" next to an illustration when you use it. Fredrik Saarkoppel created the illustrations originally, and Infab AB has subsequently simplified them to make them easier to use and filled them with cutouts from the profile collage. 


Icons, pictograms and lines

Icons and pictograms illustrate a context in a simple way, they clarify a function or support a message. An icon is the simplest form and has few details. Pictograms are designed like icons but are more detailed and more informative. 


In print, Glyphicon is used, and on the web Font Awesome. 


You can design your own pictograms. In some situations, specific pictograms may be needed to guarantee that they are recognised, such as those related to fire safety. 


Lines, arrows and dots can be used to clarify and enhance in a playful manner.  

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