Plain language checklist

Last changed: 02 February 2024

Use the checklist below to put your text to the test.

The checklist can be used on most text types.

  1. I know who my intended reader is and what the purpose of the text is.

  2. include only the information the reader needs.

  3. start with the most important information at all levels - document, paragraph and sentence level.

  4. The heading summarises the content and attracts interest.

  5. I use plenty of informative subheadings.

  6. The paragraphs are not too long.

  7. I vary the sentence length.

  8. I avoid unnecessary nouns ('evaluate' is better than 'conduct an evaluation').

  9. I explain any acronyms and abbreviations that are used.

  10. I explain specialist terminology that may not be clear to all users.

  11. I have proofread the text.

  12. A colleague or other reviser has checked the text.