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Last changed: 02 June 2021

The Service Centre can help visitors, students and staff at SLU with various practical issues. You are always welcome to contact us. If we cannot help you, we will give you the contact information of someone who can. We can be found in central locations on SLU campuses in Uppsala, Alnarp and Umeå.

Our services include:

Book a room

Phone: +46(0)18-672010

Email (Uppsala and Umeå):
Email (Alnarp):

New rules when you book a room >> (coming soon)

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SLU’s promotional and gift items

Access card management

Useful information

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How to find us/find your way >>

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Opening hours and visiting addresses:


Opening hours: Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm.

Exceptional opening hours:
Week 27-29 SC close at 15pm mon-fri.
From week 25 to week 32 we are closed for lunch at 11.30-12.30.
Week 30-31 (26/7-8/8) closed

Almas allé 8
756 51 Uppsala


Opening hours: Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm.

From week 24 to week 33 the Service Center is open 8am-3pm (usually someone is there even at 3pm-4pm).

Exceptional opening hours:
Week 28 8.30am-14.30pm
Week 29 closed
Week 30 closed
Week 31 8.30am-14.30pm
(During the weeks that are closed, tel. 2400 and 5600 will be answered).

Visiting address:
Sundsvägen 6
234 56 Alnarp

Delivery address:
Box 190
234 22 Lomma


Monday–thursday, 8am–4pm
Friday, 8am–3pm, Closed for lunch 11-12.

Exceptional opening hours:
Week 23-25 (7-24/6) at 8am–11am, closed for lunch 11-12, 12pm–15pm
Week 26-30 (28/6–30/7) Closed
Week 31 (2–6/8) at 8am–11am, closed for lunch 11-12, 12pm–14pm
Week 32 (9–13/8) at 8am–11am, closed for lunch 11-12, 12pm–15pm

Skogsmarksgränd 17, ground level (3).
907 36 Umeå

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