Care of a sick child

Last changed: 18 July 2022

You can receive temporary parental allowance when caring for a sick child.

Temporary parental benefit

You may receive temporary parental benefit from Försäkringskassan for a maximum of 120 days to take care of an ill child. You may take 60 days if the ordinary caregiver or the child is ill. The remaining 60 days can only be taken if the child is ill.

You may also receive temporary parental benefit if the child needs to see a doctor or similar, or if the other parent has a doctor’s appointment with a sibling. In general, the child needs to be under 12 years of age and a doctor’s certificate is required after the 8th day. Temporary parental benefit is calculated per child and calendar year. You are on leave with full salary deduction. You can transfer your days of temporary parental benefit to another person, e.g. a grandmother or sister.

The same rules regarding notifying your place of work, as you do when you fall ill, apply here.