Staying home to care for a sick child (VAB)

Last changed: 19 June 2023

Temporary parental benefit is available if you have to stay home to care for a sick child.

Temporary parental benefit

SLU will reimburse employees who earn over the maximum base amount with 77.6% of the excess, for a maximum of ten days per calendar year. The maximum base amount is 7.5 of the base amount.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) pays out a temporary parental benefit for a maximum of 120 days, enabling you to stay home and care for your sick child. 60 days can be taken out if the regular guardian or the child is ill. The additional 60 days can only be taken out if the child is ill. You can also receive temporary parental benefit if your child has a doctor’s appointment, or the child’s other guardian is attending a doctor’s appointment with a sibling.

Temporary parental benefit is calculated per child per calendar year. Generally, temporary parental benefit is available for children under the age of twelve. A doctor’s certificate must be provided after the eighth day of the child’s illness. When you stay home to take care of a sick child, you are considered to be on a leave of absence without pay. You can transfer the temporary parental benefit days to another person.

The same rules apply as those for notifying your workplace that you are ill.

Visit Försäkringskassan’s website for more detailed information about the price base amount that applies for reimbursement.