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Information about what is happening at SLU Campus Skara.

Events in Skara

Marie Andreasson

Campus Skara

Marie Andersson, Head of SLU Skara, writes briefly - in Swedish - about what is going on in Skara. Here you also can find dates for "common fika" and other staff meetings.


Contact and information about Campus Skara.

Occupational healthcare

SLU has entered into an agreement with Avonova regarding occupational healthcare for Skara. Information in Swedish is available here.

Environmental work at SLU Skara

Information about the environmental management system at SLU in Skara with associated Götala nut and lamb meat research and Lanna research station.

Alarm handling

Information in Swedish about how to handle the card reader alarms, Smedjan and Forskningshuset.

Published: 10 November 2023 - Page editor: mw-red@slu.se