Minutes and decisions

Last changed: 11 January 2024

All SLU staff can read minutes from the various decision-making bodies at the university, including the vice-chancellor's decision meetings.

For minutes from January 2021 onwards go to the Public 360 page

For minutes up to and including December 2020 go to the minutes database page

Searching for minutes and decision documents in Public 360

To open files in Public 360, you currently need to use Internet Explorer as your browser, and you cannot use Microsoft Edge as the default app for opening PDF files, you need to use Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader. An upgrade to Public 360 is planned for summer 2021, which will allow the use of other browsers.

If you are using a compatible browser but still cannot open a file in Public 360, contact patrik.spanning.westerlund@slu.se.

The minutes database is no longer updated

The minutes from decision-making bodies at SLU such as the SLU Board, the vice-chancellor's decision meetings and the faculty boards are available in the university's customised minutes database (minutes up to and including December 2020). This database was a major step in digitalisation when the service was set up more than 20 years ago, but today minutes are also available for all employees to read in Public 360, the SLU records management system.

All minutes already uploaded to the old minutes database will remain there as a reference library. As of 2021, all minutes and decision can be found in Public 360.