Public 360 (case and records management)

Last changed: 04 March 2024

Public 360 is SLU’s case and records management system, with e.g. minutes from the university's decision-making bodies available for reading.

Search in Public 360

All employees at SLU can search and read documents in Public 360.

For remote work, you also need to be connected via VPN. The Public 360 plugin for Office must be installed on your computer. If you have a standard SLU computer, it has most likely been pre-installed. You can get the plugin from the Software Center if it is missing. If you need help, please contact or your local IT technician.

Register in Public 360

To use the system, you need at least caseworker (handläggare) access. Contact if you cannot log on to Public 360.


Registrars are appointed by the head of department/division by assigning someone the administrative RA role (records and archives management role – Public 360). This person is then approved by the Archives, Information Governance and Records Unit. Read more about the administrative roles (in Swedish).