Public 360 (information governance and records management)

Last changed: 11 November 2020

Public 360 is SLU’s information governance and records management system.

To use the system, you need at least caseworker (handläggare) access. Contact if you cannot log on to Public 360.

Requirements for full functionality in Public 360:

  • Internet Explorer is currently the only supported browser. Microsoft Edge is not supported.
  • Office 2013, Office 2016 and Office 2019 all work with Public 360.
  • Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader must be installed on your computer to open PDF files in Public 360.
  • If Microsoft Edge is the standard app for PDFs, you need to change it to e.g. Acrobat Reader.
  • The Public 360 plugin for Office must be installed on your computer. If you have a standard SLU computer, it has most likely been pre-installed. If the plugin is missing, contact or your local IT technician.  
  • There are instruction films describing how you work in Public 360 (in Swedish only).
  • How to change language in Public 360


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