Forms of employment

Last changed: 01 October 2021

There are different forms of employment at SLU. On this page, you will find more information about the different forms.

Employment for an indefinite period

One of the main ideas in the Employment Protection Act (LAS) is that as many employees as possible should have indefinite-term contracts. This is often referred to as fast anställning (permanent position) in Swedish.

Time-limited appointment

There are various forms of fixed-term employment at SLU, from short hourly positions to doctoral positions of several years. The most common forms are fixed-term employment and hourly positions.

Fixed-term employment ends without prior notice when the term expires.

General fixed-term employment (LAS)

An employee may have general fixed-term employment for a maximum of two years during a five-year period.

Temporary substitute employment

An employee may be employed as a temporary substitute for a limited period of time. Temporary substitute employment means being employed to replace an employee who is on leave or has been assigned other tasks. A position as a temporary substitute must be connected to a specific person who is either on leave of absence or is performing duties other than their regular ones.

Seasonal employment (LAS)

Seasonal employment may be used when the need for labour varies from one period to another as a result of seasonal cycles. Within SLU’s fields of activity, this applies to e.g. agricultural, horticultural and forestry work.

When the season ends, the employment ends without prior notice. If you have been a seasonal employee for at least six months during the last two years, you have the right of priority to seasonal employment the following year.

Probationary employment (LAS)

Probationary employment is used for new employees with indefinite-term contracts. If the probationary employment is to be terminated without being converted into indefinite-term employment, the employee must be notified of this at least two weeks in advance.

Adjunct teacher (central collective bargaining agreement)

An adjunct teacher is primarily employed outside the higher education sector. An adjunct teacher may be employed for a maximum of two years. Such employment may be extended for a maximum of two years at a time, as long as the university has a need. At SLU, there is a requirement that there must be extraordinary reasons if an adjunct post is for more than 20 per cent of a full-time post.

Doctoral employment (Higher Education Ordinance)

Doctoral employment is full-time. A doctoral post may be part-time if the doctoral student requests this. Someone who is employed as a doctoral student must primarily devote themselves to their studies. They may, however, work to a limited extent with teaching, research, artistic research and administration. Duties of this kind may not comprise more than 20 per cent of a full-time post.

Employment as a doctoral student applies until a specified date but never for more than one year after the award of a doctorate. A person may be employed as a doctoral student for a maximum of eight years. The total period of employment may not be longer than the equivalent of four years of full-time doctoral studies. For studies that conclude with the award of a licentiate degree, the total employment period may not exceed the time corresponding to two years of full-time doctoral studies. Any period of study other than the period when the student was employed as a doctoral student will be deducted from these periods. If there are special reasons (e.g. illness, union or student union assignments, parental leave, serving in the defence forces), the total period of employment may be longer.

Teaching assistant (Higher Education Ordinance)

Employment is for a maximum of one year and at no more than 50 per cent of a full-time post. Only someone admitted to undergraduate studies may be employed as a teaching assistant. The total period of employment may not exceed three years.

Fixed-term employment according to the post-doctoral agreement (central collective bargaining agreement)

This is a fixed-term postdoc position, full time for two years. These two years must be a continuous period.

For the postdoc agreement to apply, the post must have been advertised, and the applicant must have been awarded their doctorate a maximum of three years before the deadline for applications. Exceptions are only allowed if there are special circumstances. This period may be extended past two years if there are special reasons, such as parental leave.

Specialist training for veterinary surgeons (local collective bargaining agreement at SLU)

SLU veterinary surgeons who undertake specialist training (V-ST) can be employed on fixed-term contracts.

MSCA-funded positions (Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions), Horizon 2020

Employment as researcher, postdoc or doctoral student. Funds for these posts are granted from the EU framework programme Horizon 2020, either as grants to an individual and an organisation, or to several organisations at once.


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