If you fall ill

Last changed: 22 October 2018

If you fall ill, you must notify your place of work as soon as possible. Every workplace should have an assigned person responsible for registering the notification in Primula self-service. When you well enough to return to work, you must register this in Primula self-service.

Doctor’s certificate

If you are ill for more than 7 consecutive days, you are required to submit a copy of a doctor’s certificate starting from the 8th day. You must send the certificate to Human Resources. Under specific circumstances, a doctor’s certificate may be required for shorter periods of illness.

The first 14 days that you are sick are called the sick day period. The employer is obligated to pay sick pay during this time. During these 14 days, a deduction is made per workday.

If you are ill for more than 14 calendar days, the payroll administrator reports this to Försäkringskassan who in turn sends you a sickness benefit request which you need to fill in and send back to Försäkringskassan together with the original doctor’s certificate.


Rehabilitation is an umbrella term for all kinds of medical, psychological, social and work-related activities. The aim of the activities is to help ill and injured people to restore their working capacity to the best possible extent.

In order for the result to be successful, it is important to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. Active employee participation and management commitment are important elements in rehabilitation.

If your sick leave period is expected to last longer than a few weeks, or if you have had more than 6 occasions of sick leave during a 12-month period, you and your head of department (or equivalent) must set up a rehabilitation plan.

The human resources specialists at the HR Unit, as well as occupational health service personnel, can be contacted during each phase of rehabilitation for support and advice.

Doctor’s visits

You are permitted to visit the doctor, dentist, occupational health service, non-institutional care or a prenatal clinic as well as give blood during working hours with pay.

Illness during holiday in Sweden

If you fall ill while on holiday in Sweden, you are permitted to change your holiday leave to sick leave. You must then immediately give notice of your illness by letter or telephone. If you send the notice of illness from the holiday location, the postmark date will count as the date you fell ill.

Illness during holiday abroad

If you fall ill while on holiday abroad, you must notify your place of work exactly in the same way as you would while on holiday in Sweden. However, there is no guarantee that you may change your holiday leave to sick leave after the 14th sick day. You should therefore contact Försäkringskassan before going abroad to clarify the regulations for the country in question.

Healthcare benefits

Medical treatment

You are entitled to reimbursement for medical treatment worth up to SEK 95 per visit. If you want to receive such reimbursement, you must ensure that the healthcare provider fills in the high-cost card.

Dental care

The employer does not usually reimburse dental care. Surgical treatment at hospitals or odontological institutions is excepted. For such treatments you receive the same reimbursement as for doctor’s visits. 


For visits to a physiotherapist, you may receive reimbursement worth up to SEK 55 per visit. Please note that visits to a naprapath, chiropractor or similar do not count as physiotherapy.

Psychological treatment

Reimbursement for treatment by a psychologist is up to SEK 95 per visit.

Hospital care

Reimbursement for hospital care is up to SEK 70 per day.


You may be reimbursed if you purchase prescription medicine at a discount which is also covered by high-cost protection and receive a prescription statement by the pharmacy.


Reimbursement for healthcare and medicine is paid with your salary if you send in your original expense receipts to the Payroll Unit and provided you have registered your high-cost card.

Travel allowance

You may be reimbursed for some of your travel expenses to and from hospitals and surgeries. The regulations can be found in a folder at all surgeries. The county councils pay the reimbursement.


SLU has an agreement regarding occupational healthcare for all employees.


Reimbursement for medical care and medicine is a taxable benefit.


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