Information on travel and related agreements

Last changed: 07 March 2024

On this page, you will find information on approved travel suppliers and SLU agreements related to travel. Please note that our guidelines for business travel expressly state that all bookings must be made via our procured travel agency. This does not apply to local public transport.


SLU provides travel insurance for all domestic and foreign business travel. The insurance covers accidents, theft, luggage and legal protection.

Your department administrator or manager can issue an insurance certificate to bring with you when travelling abroad on business. The certificate is usually written for the travel period, or for a period of one year if you are going on recurring business trips during the year. The insurance certificate can be found here.

EU nationals, and others covered by a state social security scheme in an EU country, need to take their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them when travelling in the EU. You can read more about the EHIC here. For those covered by Swedish social insurance, the EHIC card can be ordered on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s website. 

Any injury during travel must be reported to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

There is also separate travel insurance for all travel booked through our procured travel agency. Read more about the travel agency’s travel insurance (in Swedish).


For some countries, you need a visa to enter. Most of our departments have an agreement with Comet Consular Services who will assist with this; check with your department administrator if that applies to your department.


Make sure you have the right vaccination protection. Contact your healthcare center or vaccination agency for information on which vaccines are needed. In order for the cost to be invoiced to the department / equivalent, contact the occupation health services at SLU.

Hotel rooms

On the site Avropa, run by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, you will find the framework agreement for domestic hotel services.

Rental cars

SLU travel guidelines

  • Our travel guidelines state that staff should book medium-sized eco-friendly cars (the smallest models should be avoided for security reasons). If several people are travelling together, or if you are transporting large amounts of equipment or material, a larger model may be rented.
  • Book through our procured travel agency or directly with the rental company.
  • If you book directly with the rental company, remember to state that you are booking on behalf of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and give them our customer number.
  • If the rental company listed as the first choice does not have an eco-friendly vehicle available, contact the company ranked second.
  • Check the car and inform the rental company of any visible damage before you depart.
  • Fill up before you return the car to avoid extra costs.

Short-term rental (up to 30 days)

For short-term rentals, the framework agreement is ranked, meaning you book with the supplier listed as number 1. 

The car can be picked up at the rental site or elsewhere, as agreed.

  1. Nordic Master Car AB (Sixt rent a car)
  2. Mabi Sverige AB
  3. First Rent A Car AB (Hertz)
  4. Europeisk Biluthyrning AB (Europcar)

Read more about short-term rentals in the national framework agreement at Avropa.

Long-term rentals (more than 30 days)

  1. Europeisk Biluthyrning AB (Europcar)
  2. First Rent A Car AB (Hertz)
  3. Mabi Sverige AB
  4. Nordic Master Car AB (Sixt rent a car)  

Read more about long-term rentals in the national framework agreement at Avropa.

Car rental contact details


See below for Europcar contact details in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala.

SLU customer number: 40379760. To book, you need to give your invoice reference (three (3) digits and three (3) letters). Other mandatory information includes your department/division and a reference/name of the person booking.


See below for contact details and how to book with Hertz in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala.

  • Uppsala: Kungsgatan 97, phone: 018-16 02 00
  • Umeå: Umeå airport/railway station, phone: 090-17 71 40
  • Alnarp: Sturup, phone: 040-50 02 57
  • Skara: Hospitalgatan 13, phone: 0771-21 12 12

SLU customer number: CDP for business travel 856576. Hertz booking template. For the invoice to be properly processed, you need to give an HCC number as well as an invoice reference (Baltzar reference) when you book. The HCC number is 26486116.

Nordic Master Car AB (Sixt rent a car)

SLU customer number: 2309926. Always give your invoice reference to make sure the invoice can be properly processed.

You can always book online at

MABI Sverige AB

SLU customer number: 20210028170003. Always give your invoice reference to make sure the invoice can be properly processed.


Taxis that are booked in connection with air/train travel should be booked via our procured travel agency to ensure the right price and correct invoice references.  

For taxi services, SLU uses the national framework agreement for government agencies. The company we use is Flygtaxi. Our travel agency can book taxis with them in connection with domestic air and train travel.

If your trip only involves a taxi, you can book it yourself via the local taxi company. Taxi service is not procured through the Kammarkollegiet and thus cannot be booked through the travel agency.

Agreement with SJ and MTR Express

SLU has a price agreement with SJ and MTR Express for train travel. We get a percentage discount based on how many tickets we purchase from them.

Currency (in Swedish)

Cancelling a trip or reporting damage

Fill in the form and email it to Explain that you are waiting for a payment from Trygg-Hansa and state the cost centre, project and any free-field information to use when booking the payment.

Damage report form (in Swedish)

Cancellation form (in Swedish)



  • Complaints must be submitted to the travel agency within 3 months after you return from your trip. Use this email address for reporting complaints. State the name of the person travelling, date, booking reference and contact details and describe the event/complaint.
  • For baggage-related complaints, contact the carrier.
  • For complaints related to delays and cancelled flights, contact the carrier. For SAS complaints, use this link.
  • For complaints covered by the SJ travel guarantee, contact SJ


For questions related to your travel and the online booking system, contact

For questions related to your travel invoice, contact

For questions related to the environment and climate compensation, contact

To update your authorisation to book travel on behalf of others, contact

For help with the online booking system, please read the FAQs and the manual in the online system under Services.