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Learning and Digitalisation

The Division of Learning and Digitalisation is responsible for the pedagogical development within the university and the digital support within the education.

Due to the Corona virus, we reorient all courses & seminars to online via Zoom

  • Application deadline for the autumn courses: April 15th.
  • All educational courses will be online.
  • All educational lunch seminars are cancelled.
  • All lunch colloquiums for doctoral supervisors will be online.

We enable change

The Division of Learning and Digitalisation is a strategic expert position in higher education, IT-pedagogy, media and education systems. The department is also responsible for SLU's higher education pedagogical courses and digital education systems.

We support SLU's teaching staff and others who are active in education through consultation, project management, courses and seminars.

We also run collaborative projects with other universities and networks both nationally and internationally.

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