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Evald Programme

Program evaluations are part of SLU's quality system for education at undergraduate and advanced level.

Hello PSR!

You are responsible for carrying out a program evaluation with the students in the last year of your program every year. You decide the exact time, it is different conditions in different programs that determine when it is most suitable.

The program evaluation is conveniently carried out in the form of a scheduled event (physical or digital), where you first give the students time to answer the questions, and then go through the results while having a discussion together.

You need to inform the students yourself about the period during which it is open, there are no automatic reminders from the system.

Evald Programme Support

Servicedesk helps you with everything about the evaluation system Evald Programme. 

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or support@slu.se.

The Division of Learning and Digitalisation

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