Travel grants and stipends

Last changed: 17 December 2021

Doctoral students at SLU have different kinds of travel grants available.

Travel grants from SLU 

Doctoral students at SLU have different opportunities available when it comes to applying for travel grants, see below. These can be used for shorter or longer forms of study visits, conference trips or doctoral courses.

Travel grants for internationalisation

In order to promote internationalisation of doctoral studies at SLU, three funds are available to apply from for international activities.

From the following funds you can apply for grants for study visits, participation in international PhD courses/workshops and conferences.

SLU fund for internationalisation of doctoral studies

The SLU fund is only intended for doctoral students at SLU. This fund shall promote internationalisation of research and doctoral studies.


The Wallenberg Foundation travel grants

The donation from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is primarily intended for travels promoting a personal scientific exchange benefitting Swedish research. The means are mainly allocated to young researchers. PhD students and PhDs (within 2 years of examination at the time of application) can apply. In the latter case, the purpose of the trip should be to make contacts in the applicant's subject area which may be useful in a future academic career.

Lennart Hjelm’s Fund

(Applications are only accepted for the spring announcements.)
This fund shall promote internationalisation of research and doctoral studies. The scholarship will be granted to doctoral students and junior researchers

How to apply

The same web form is used for all funds and is open for applications during one month at the spring respectively autumn round. There are two application deadlines, 28 February and 15 October.

Instructions to applicants.

To the application form. 

Application deadline

Deadline for spring application 2023 is 28 February. 




Travel grants for SLU and NOVA courses

Doctoral students admitted to SLU can apply for travel grants when participating in SLU courses or NOVA courses. 

The application should be made before the course starts and contain a cost estimate. The applicant is expected to choose the cheapest alternative. A maximum of 90 Euro per night for at the most six nights can be approved for accommodation. Only actual costs up to the approved sum are reimbursed.

The applications are processed as they arrive - there is no deadline. If the application is approved, the applicant will get a written approval stating that the Council for PhD Education guarantees a grant up to a certain amount.

It is recommended that all costs are paid by the department until the course is over and the applicant has received a course certificate. To get the reimbursement, the department sends an internal invoice based on the actual costs together with a copy of the course certificate  to the Council for PhD education, (cost center 979).

APPLICATION FORM for travel grants for SLU and Nova courses

Send the application to the Council for PhD Education (FUR), either via e-mail ( or regular mail to the address below.

If you use e-mail, please convert the word-file to a pdf-file and ask your principal supervisor to sign the application using an electronic signature (EduID). Then submit the approved application via e-mail.

Attn. Lotta Jäderlund, Box 7070, 750 07 Uppsala


Lotta Jäderlund, Division of Strategy and Planning, SLU
Phone: 018-671000

Stipends from SLU

Doctoral students normally do not receive stipends from SLU, instead they have stipends from external donors.

Stipends from SLU are regulated by a decision by the Vice-Chancellor (currently only available in Swedish). These regulations are not valid for stipends from external donors.

Other types of grants and scholarships

There are different available options for Staff and teacher mobility at SLU. 

Information about External funding, calls and support for writing an application. 

Doctoral students also have the possibility to participate in international collaborations within education





For questions about travel grants for internationalisation, please contact:

If you have questions about travel grants for SLU and NOVA courses, please contact: Lotta Jäderlund

If your question concerns mobility or international collaboration within education, please contact