Educational award

Last changed: 18 April 2023

Since 2006, SLU has given out two cash prizes of SEK 25,000 for “exemplary efforts within education and teaching” in conjunction with SLU's degree conferment ceremony in October. One award is for an individual (teacher, director of studies or equivalent) and the other award is a group prize (teaching team, department or equivalent).


From April 18 to June 4, the nomination can be made!


Nominations from students and teachers are made on the web-based nomination page

Who can be nominated?

Individuals or groups of SLU employees who have made an outstanding pedagogical effort that benefits students' learning can be nominated.

How should the nomination be written?

The nomination must describe with clear examples and motivations how the educator or work team worked to create good conditions for students' learning and how they contributed to pedagogical development.

General criteria

Teaching efforts

Cooperation with colleagues and/or students in order to develop teaching. For example:

  • creating a positive environment that stimulates the students' involvement and interest in the subject and thereby promotes learning

  • stimulating the critical thinking, creativity and own learning of students

  • integrating different forms of skills training in their teaching

  • putting the course and the subject into context and linking to current research and international conditions

  • adapting teaching and supervision to the background and level of the students/doctoral students

  • providing constructive feedback to the students on their learning in different situations

  • refreshing and developing teaching and examination formats

  • developing online teaching methods in such a way as to provide added value for teaching 

  • developing teaching methods to integrate gender issues, sustainable development, etc. 

Cooperation with colleagues and/or students to develop teaching

Recognised interest in and commitment to developing teaching at the department in conjunction with colleagues and students. For example:

  • establishing dialogue with the students on the forms and content of the teaching and using this knowledge to develop teaching

  • taking the initiative in various forms of cooperation with students, colleagues, other staff and teachers at other departments with regard to undergraduate education

  • refreshing the forms and content of teaching in conjunction with colleagues (e.g. online teaching)

Educational leadership

Clear and valued educational leadership with a recognised interest in and commitment to driving the development of teaching forwards. For example:

  • creating a positive environment for the discussion of educational issues

  • initiating and driving the development of teaching

  • initiating various educational activities for teachers

  • facilitating the professional development of other teachers

  • supporting teachers to act on their own initiative to develop teaching

  • establishing ways of developing dialogue with the students

  • establishing the well-functioning reception of new students

  • establishing a well-functioning introduction for new teachers

  • motivating students and colleagues to get involved in developing strategies and objectives for teaching

  • planning and leading a range of educational activities based on gender issues

  • evaluating and monitoring the impact of various educational measures

  • identifying and utilising financial and human resources to drive forward educational development

Disseminating good models and results from the development of teaching

Recognised interest in and commitment to disseminating good examples of educational development in a range of forums outside their own department/university. For example:

  • refreshing teaching materials and communicating this to other teachers or departments

  • developing new teaching and/or examination formats and spreading knowledge of these

  • developing online forms of teaching/materials and spreading knowledge of these

  • authoring high-quality course literature or other study resources


Once the application period has closed, the registrar sends the applications to the educational administrative officer at the Division of Educational Affairs, who prepares each case and makes an initial assessment with suggested prioritised applications and justification. The administrative officer may also request further documentation, if required, from those who submitted the nomination.

The administrative officer sends their assessment to an assessment panel consisting of a chairperson (the deputy vice-chancellor), a representative from each faculty, and two student representatives from SLUSS.

Finally, the deputy vice-chancellor submits their suggestion to the vice-chancellor, who makes a final decisions.


Previous laureate

  • Jörg Brunet, S, Individual award
  • Marketing and Organisation Theory Teaching Track, NJ, Team award
  • Joachim Strengbom, NJ, Individual award
  • Elisabeth Persson, VH, Individual award
  • Hela SLU:s lärarkår, Team award
  • Marie Bengtsson, LTV, Individual award
  • Styrgruppen för Plog-projektet, S, Team award
  • Katja Nilsson, VH, Individual awardt
  • Staffan Stenhag, S, Individual award
  • Erica von Essen, NJ, Individual award
  • Nils Fall och Susanna Sternberg Lewerin, VH, Team award
  • Hans Andersson, Jubileumspris
  • Emanuel Erlandsson, S, Individual award
  • Emma Eriksson
  • Vilis Brukas S
  • Ulla Myhr som representant för lärarlaget bakom kandidatarbetskursen i landskapsarkitektur, NJ, Team award
  • Ola Lindroos, S, Individual award
  • Lärarlaget vid Institutionen för ekologi, Team award
  • Maria Andersson, VH, Individual award
  • Maria Kylin, Karin Hammarlund, Jenny Nord och Kenneth Olwig. LTV , Team award
  • Per-Magnus Ekö, S, Individual award
  • Peter Redbo Torstensson, NJ, Individual award
  • Birgitta Andrén, VH, Individual award
  • Daniel Lunneryd, NL, Individual award
  • Landskapsarkitektprogrammet i Alnarp, LTJ, Team award
  • Yvonne Ridderstråle VH, Individual award
  • Anders Alanära & Anders Karlsson, S-Fak, Team award
  • Birgitta Malmfors, NL, Individual award
  • AgVet-gruppen, Lagpris-VH
  • Fredrik Söderbom, NL, Individual award
  • Sydsvenskt Skogsbruk, S-fak, Team award
  • Jan Svedberg, VH, Individual award
  • Ulf Olsson, NL, Individual award
  • Cecilia Mark-Herbert, NL, Individual award
  • Gunnar Malmfors, VH, Individual award
  • Anne Algers, VH, Individual award
  • Mårten Carlsson, Individual award
  • Ylva Dahlman, NL, Individual award