Introduction of new doctoral students

Last changed: 18 August 2021

A newly admitted doctoral student needs a proper introduction to the education in order to start in the best possible way.

The department has the responsibility of giving the doctoral student a relevant introduction. The faculty organizes introduction meetings at faculty level. Departments that need support in this matter will find information in the documents presented below.

It is important that doctoral students who are not employed at SLU get the same introduction to the education as employed students, and to those aspects of SLU, faculty and department that they need for their education.

Online introductory course for doctoral students

Recommendations for introduction of newly admitted doctoral students

Department checklist

A short presentation of SLU´s organisation for doctoral education

Living and working in Sweden


Directors of studies at the LTV Faculty:

Helene Larsson Jönsson, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415370. 
Åsa Klintborg Ahlklo, Alnarp. Phone: 040-415421.

Directors of studies at the NJ Faculty:

Elisabet Lewan, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 26 29.
Robert Glinwood, Uppsala, Phone: 018-67 23 42.


Vice dean for doctoral studies at the S Faculty:

Göran Spong, Umeå. Phone: 0730-350641

Director of studies at the VH Faculty:

Carl-Gustaf Thulin, Uppsala. Phone: 0705-64 53 58


General information on doctoral studies at university level:

Lotta Jäderlund or Eva Stening