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ASK PhD Student Council

We represent the PhD and licentiate students of the LTV faculty, both at Alnarp and SOL at Ultuna. We work with questions regarding the employment safety for all PhD and licentiate students as well as our education. We have representatives in boards and councils both at faculty- and university level. Additionally, we are trying to have an active contact with other PhD student councils at Universities in the area.

Every month, all PhD students of the LTV faculty our welcome to join our council meetings. If you do not have the possibility to travel to Alnarp, there is always the possibility to join via video-link. During our meetings we discuss questions and issues related to the PhD education which have been brought up in the board meetings, as well as plan for social activities for the PhD students at the faculty. Other monthly activities include PhD lunches and organized after-works.

If you have any questions regarding our work, please email us at phdcouncil-ltv@slu.se.

Published: 11 January 2021 - Page editor: fredrik.reslow@slu.se