Field work/excursions

Last changed: 18 September 2023


Different kinds of outdoor or off-campus exercises are a common occurrence in many education programs. Completing such exercises online and from home are a challenge, especially when these are usually done in groups. You can choose to film these visits/excursions that you would have visited together so that students can complete work at home using such films as a starting point.

You can even have students find places and objects that they themselves can film and submit (remember to tell students that they themselves must be present in the films, and that these recordings should be short). Similar to the flipped classroom method, films can serve as starting point for online discussions, student films can serve as a response to questions related to the film(s) that you yourself have put on Canvas.

Having direct contact via mobile phones is possible, but the quality of the mobile network reception and the size of the group may pose challenges. Therefore, such contact is uncertain and difficult to plan for. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to substitute an excursion or fieldwork with project work or an assignment for submission. In some cases, visits cannot be substituted when students are required to train certain manual skills, use olfactory senses, or to make judgments based upon being inside a particular physical location.

Record with a mobile phone

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