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Continuing training for doctoral supervisors

Being a doctoral supervisor is a fantastic opportunity to follow a doctoral student's development as a researcher. EPU arranges continuing education for both you as an individual supervisor and your group of supervisors at the department. Various forms of further education are offered; lunch colloquia, supervisor meetings or theme days. Welcome to these fora for conversations, inspiration and exchanges of experiences!

Calendar for doctoral supervisors


EPU arranges three lunch colloquia per semester. We invite guest lecturers to present a current and relevant topic. You will have the opportunity to meet other supervisors from different departments, exchange experiences and have a discussion about important issues related to supervision.

Do you have a suggestion on a theme?

Welcome to suggest themes for our research supervisor meetings.
Email: epu@slu.se

Continuing education days for departments and research schools

EPU also offers training packages based on different themes (examples of themes, see under the heading meetings for research supervisors). Institutions / supervisor groups can book a short seminar. We plan together to tailor the activity in relation to your specific needs.

  • How do we solve this? About conflicts and difficult conversations.
  • New as a co-supervisor. What are your roles?
  • A feedback that develops the doctoral student's writing.
  • Group tutoring - opportunities and challenges.
  • How is a good climate created in the supervisory team?
  • Individual study plan - how does it become a resource in the supervision?
  • Equal doctoral education: career paths for all.
  • Supervising international doctoral students - things to consider.
  • To guide the kappa. Exchange of thoughts about structure, goals and content.
Continuing education for experienced research supervisors

In the fall of 2023, continuing education for main supervisors will begin. More information coming soon.


Henrik Viberg

Ann Grubbström

Course secretary for questions about registration:

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