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Educational systems

- part of Learning and digitalisation. Assignment: Develop, integrate, manage and quality-assure SLU's digital education system. Provide basic training in the systems

Today, SLU has largely the same set of support systems for the courses as all major universities in Sweden.

Systems that talk to each other and login via ad account

  • Most systems already have connections between them to minimize duplication, and work on integrations is ongoing
  • Employees and students can log in via their ad account to almost all of our systems

Because we at SLU have all support systems gathered in one administrative object:

  • we can easily get an overview of the systems and can develop them effectively
  • we minimize the risk of several systems doing the same thing and
  • we can more easily manage and assess security risks with integrations


The image illustrates how the systems "talk" to each other.
Read more about system integrations

Plan and Prepare

  • Ladok

    Ladok is a system for study administration
  • TimeEdit

    TimeEdit is SLU's system for digital schedules, workforce management, preference collection, room...
  • Slunik

    Slunik is a system for course information. It is displayed together with information from Ladok o...
  • NyA

    NyA is a national admissions system used by basically all universities and colleges in Sweden. Ny...
  • Moveon

    MoveON is a system used at SLU for student and teacher mobility. The system is used for agreement...
  • ISP-Portal

    All doctoral students must have an individual study plan (ISP). At SLU, these are created and...


  • Ladok

    Ladok is a system for study administration
  • Canvas

    Canvas is SLU:s learning management system.
  • Zoom

    Zoom is a way of meeting online with the possibility to communicate through video, audio and chat.
  • Mentimeter

    Mentimeter is software that allows you to conduct quick tests at class level.
  • Inspera

    Inspera is SLU’s system for on-campus e-examinations
  • Ouriginal

    Ouriginal is a system to detect plagiarism


  • Evald

    Evald is an SLU system for electronic course evaluations.
  • Evald Programme

    Evald is an SLU system for electronic course evaluations.

Primarily using the sector-wide support systems means that:

  • we avoid a lot of complicated procurement processes
  • we can influence system development more easily
  • we can take advantage of the universities' collective competence
    • in terms of pedagogical and technical system issues
  • many teachers, students and administrators from various institutions of higher learning participate
    • in requirements and the testing of new systems

All support systems for the courses are gathered in one administrative object

The administrative object has an administrative manager from the IT department and the administration's steering committee includes representatives from the Education department, the IT department, unit manager systems and media and the head of Learning and Digitalisation (chairman)

Timeline of when different systems were launched

Picture of how education systems have changed over the years.

Teaching online

Tips on how to change your teaching from the traditional classroom to online teaching.

Teaching online

AI in higher education

AI is developing rapidly and is affecting us in higher education to an ever-increasing degree. AI support will be part of everyone's everyday life and there are many opportunities but also challenges and risks.

The Division of Learning and Digitalisation

For questions and comments about our educational systems

Published: 15 December 2023 - Page editor: ld-webb@slu.se