Teaching Active E-learning

Last changed: 06 September 2021

A course that aims to develop the skill to use active e-learning by using the ideas from the ”Flipped Classroom”.


That the participants will be able to create an on-line course where the ”Flipped Classroom” is implemented. The participants are also supposed to be able to handle software and hardware to record presentations, educational platforms to orchestrate the flow in a course and methods to ensure that the synchronous meetings with the students are active and engaging. 

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course the participant is supposed to be able to:

  • Describe, discuss and develop the active use of the Flipped Classroom method
  • Explain ”lower order” and ”higher order thinking skills” in relation to learning activities in the flipped classroom
  • Create recorded material to use before synchronous meetings
  • Create class room  activities for the flipped classroom
  • Find and adapt existing material like video and written sources to use in the flipped classroom


This course corresponds to three days of full-time studies.


For admission to this course you must have completed Teaching in higher education, basic course or similar course in teaching and learning.


Cost for this workshop: 1000kr

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