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For supervisors

A supervisor of doctoral students needs to be familiar with the terms of doctoral education at SLU. Here is a list of web pages of various kinds, including news and events, considered to be of interest to a supervisor.

This page is a supplement to the page  Supervisor support, on the staff web.

There are 79 pages tagged with For supervisors:

Lunch Seminar - Critical thinking in higher education: What skills matter and how do we teach and measure them?

ld-webb@slu.se This talk will present the critical thinking skills that are considered most important in higher education, drawing upon research from different contexts and curricula. It will also

Drop-in for ISP portal support

Do you have questions about the ISP portal? ISP@slu.se Use this link for log in:  https://slu-se.zoom.us/j/63003487813 Meeting ID: 630 0348 7813 Passcode: 930922 Zoom ISP@slu.se   More

Drop-in for ISP portal support

Do you have questions about the ISP portal? ISP@slu.se Welcome to a digital question time regarding the ISP portal (a digital system for handling the doctoral students' individual study plans). No

Doctoral Education at the NJ faculty

Here you can find information about the organization and procedures of doctoral education at the NJ-faculty. You will also find contact information to persons who can give advise and support. The

SLU:s Agenda 2030-dag

Agenda 2030: SLU sustainability day malin.planting@slu.se Illustration: Maria Capandegui Widén, SLU Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) were adopted by the world's countries

Supervision Lunch Seminar - How to balance supervisor intervention with PhD student independence

ld-webb@slu.se Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, Senior Researcher in Doctoral Supervision, Department of Education Studies at Aarhus University. The seminar is conducted via Zoom, in English and no fee. Link

The Doctoral Co-supervisory Role: A Member in the Supervisory Team

ld-webb@slu.se Educational Development Unit (EPU) The Division of Learning and Digitalisation Email epu@slu.se Web Educational and digital support


The future of meat – workshop and discussion for SLU's students and employees futurefood@slu.se What role does meat play in diet and culture? Which future is best for Swedish farmers? How much

Revised NOVA collaboration model

In order to adapt to structural changes at some of the member universities and also to meet a request for increased administrative efficiency, the NOVA network charter and working model has been

NOVA University Network

1. NOVA members NOVA the Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet (Swedish University of Agricultural Science), Sweden (“SLU”) Norges miljø- og

Invitation Agenda 2030 SLU sustainability day

The world is halfway through the action plan for sustainable development as outlined in Agenda 2030. What progress has been made and how does this affect us, both as a university and individually in

Supervision lunch seminar - Doctoral students entering universities: expectations, preparation and sense-making

ld-webb@slu.se The Educational Development Unit welcomes doctoral supervisors to our supervision seminars. Doctoral students entering universities to begin their studies are an understudied group.