Working hours

Last changed: 19 January 2022
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At SLU, there are three principal working hours agreements: office hours, annual working time for teachers and researchers, and the list agreement.

Office hours

This agreement applies to staff who work office hours, that is normally daytime only Monday to Friday. Depending on the place of work, some staff have the option of using flexitime.

Reduction in hours for staff working office hours

  • Twelfth Night: 4 hours
  • Maundy Thursday: 2 hours
  • 30 April: 4 hours
  • The day before All Saints’ Day: 4 hours
  • If the Swedish National Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, staff working regular office hours get leave the preceding Friday.

Annual working time for teachers and researchers

For teachers and researchers at SLU, there is a working hours agreement providing for annual working time for these two categories of staff. The same rules apply to doctoral students and teaching assistants.

List agreement

For staff who regularly work evenings and weekends, there is an agreement called the list agreement. It applies primarily to animal nursing staff and those involved in agricultural fieldwork.

Local collective bargaining agreements on working hours

All local collective bargaining agreements on working hours are available on the page Lokala kollektivavtal (in Swedish only).


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