Last changed: 10 April 2024

Applying for a new job or for training, renting a flat or applying for unemployment insurance – these are all situations when you may need a certificate to show that you are or have been employed at SLU. There are different certificates depending on what you need them for.

Proof of employment

If you are looking for another job, applying for training etc., you may need proof that you are currently employed at SLU. You can request proof of employment from the Division of Human Resources. A proof of employment letter states your title, how long you have been employed and your salary.

Employment certificate

When you leave SLU, you can normally request an employment certificate. This certificate is issued by the Division of Human Resources and contains information such as the position(s) you have held and how long you have been employed. You can also request a certificate for previous periods of employment at SLU.

Letter of reference

If you have been employed for more than one year, you can ask for a letter of reference when you leave SLU. This is issued by the department/division and has information about your position and tasks, but also contains an assessment of your skills, personal characteristics etc.

Employer's certificate (arbetsgivarintyg)

If you are leaving SLU but will not be starting a new job straight away, you may have to apply for unemployment insurance (a-kassa). To do that, you need an employer's certificate. The department where you have worked fills in the form. Contact the colleague responsible for HR issues at your department.


HR Unit, Division of Human Resources