Internal governing documents

Last changed: 23 April 2024

Internal governing documents are documents adopted by, primarily, the SLU Board, the vice-chancellor, the chief operating officer, a faculty board or a dean.

On this page, a selection of internal governing documents are published, primarily those with a large target group. Please note that not all governing documents are available in English.

If you are looking for a document and cannot find it here, search for it in Public 360. Make sure you have the Public 360 client installed (can be downloaded from the software centre).

Document types

There are five types of governing documents:

  • strategy - overarching goals and how to achieve them
  • policy - principles and SLU's intentions within a defined field
  • plan - concrete measures needed to implement strategies and policies
  • rule - external/internal requirements, actions needed to implement strategy/policy, delegations of authority
  • procedure - how to perform a task/handle a case.

Subject fields

A governing document is classified as belonging to one of 11 subject areas:

2. Budgets/Allocations/Missions

No documents available in English.

8. Information governance/Communications




9. Financial administration, procurement, foundations, companies

10. Facilities/Real estate

11. IT/Service/Security/Environment

For environmental management system procedures other than the environmental policy, please see the Environmental Handbook.




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