Vice-Chancellor's Office

Last changed: 02 March 2018

The Vice-Chancellor’s Office supplies varying types of support to SLU’s operations – everything from administrative support to the board and vice-chancellor to helping researchers apply for EU funding.

Read more about the four units that comprise the Vice-Chancellor’s Office below.


The secretariat is tasked with supporting the university management and the board by, for example:

There are also other functions:

  • Academy stewards: coordinates, plans and carries out academic ceremonies.
  • Consultations coordinator: responsible for government documents referred to SLU for consultation.
  • Language coordinator: provides the operation with language support.

Documentation and Legal Affairs


  • is responsible for rational and effective document management at the university;
  • gives support and advice on issues regarding the management of public documents, registration, preservation and appraisal;
  • manages the central university archive;
  • handles incoming post and registers university documents.

Legal Affairs

  • is responsible for legal issues at SLU;
  • provides legal support to the university management and the operation;
  • decides on secrecy and distribution of public documents;
  • advises on administrative law, higher education legislation, contract law and copyright law; 
  • functions as secretary on the university’s disciplinary board and the staff disciplinary board.

Privacy and Data Protection

  • ensures that SLU complies with all legal provisions on data protection;
  • performs risk analyses and impact assessments when personal data needs to be processed;
  • manages the register of personal data processing at SLU;
  • offers support and advice on matters relating to integrity, personal data and data protection.

Grants Office

Grants Office

The primary tasks of the Grants Office are to

  • help researchers and administrators apply for external funding;
  • develop and maintain SLU' systems and governing documents for external funding;
  • provide administrative support for managers of projects funded by the EU;
  • support SLU's strategic work with the European Union's programmes and institutions.

SLU Global

SLU Global

  • coordinates, supports and gives information on SLU-based research and education within the framework of SLU’s strategy regarding the Swedish government’s policy for global development;
  • handles SLU’s national and international collaboration in varying bodies;
  • coordinates support on issues regarding low-income countries.
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