Delegations of authority

Last changed: 07 March 2023

The delegations of authority describe the powers that have been delegated by the SLU Board to the vice-chancellor or the faculty boards, and from the vice-chancellor to the head of university administration.

The SLU Board of Governors is the highest decision-making body at SLU.

The board usually meets six times a year. At these meetings, they decide on matters of a more general nature, e.g. on the allocation of funding and the content of the annual report and budget documents.

Most decisions, however, are delegated to the four faculty boards.

Decisions on issues not reserved for the board, or delegated to the faculty boards, are taken by the vice-chancellor.

The vice-chancellor in turn delegates authority to the head of university administration to decide on matters in that field.

There are three delegations of authority at the central level:

Delegations of authority at the faculties

The four faculties have their own delegations of authority (only available in Swedish).