Frequently asked questions

Last changed: 07 February 2023

SLU's travel agency is Stureplans Resor as of 1 October 2022.


You can find more information on business travel on the pages listed under Links below.


I want to learn to book in the new online booking system. How can I do that?

In connection with the change of travel agency on 1 October, there have been three training sessions on the new booking system, two in Swedish and one in English.

The trainings were about 45 minutes each, recorded and available via SLU Play:

Swedish version
English version

We also refer to the questions and answers found in the FAQ as well as other information on our web pages about business trips.


I am unable to log in to the system. Can you help me with my profile?

If you, as a SLU-employee, don’t have an account in the new booking system Stureplans Online, there are three options:

1. We create a profile for you but we need your personal reference number, your ad-account and your mobile number. If you don’t know your reference number or don’t have one, ask your administrator to help you. You can also order a reference number by emailing You will then get a reference number that is unique to you, consisting of 3 numbers and 3 letters.

2. You ask a travel agent at your institution to help you book a trip. The travel agents are usually the personnel administrator/ institutional administrator.

3. You ask your supervisor to email and approve that we may create a profile for you with your supervisor´s reference code (the email needs to include the reference code, your ad account name, your mobile number and your SLU email).

The name in my profile is not the same as in my passport - how can I update the information?

The name in the booking needs to be the same as in the passport.

To change your profile, you log in to the system, go to the arrow next to your name and then My profile.

Then Change my profile and fill in the correct information and Save.


What do I need to do to be able to book travel on behalf of others?

You will need authorisation to book travel for other SLU employees and guests not employed by the university. Please ask your manager to email to approve your request. 

A number of us from the same department/division are travelling by train and we would like to sit together. How this be arranged?

To reserve seats for a group of travellers, the person booking must be authorised to book on behalf of others. All tickets will need to be booked at the same time.

I have found a much cheaper travel option than the one provided by the travel agency. Can I book this instead?

No, all travel must be booked through our procured travel agency

What if I want to combine my business trip with personal activities? For example, I will be travelling to Uppsala for a training course, am I allowed to stay in Stockholm where I have friends?

A business trip cannot be combined with personal activities. Travel must always start from your home or workplace to the place of assignment. You must pay for any personal travel in connection with business travel, and your personal travel must take place during your free time.

You are not allowed to book for family members through the SLU travel agency.

I want to book coach travel but cannot find this option on the travel agency’s website. Where can I book this?

Coaches are booked through Proceedo. 

If you have Proceedo access rights, you can book under Travel, accommodation & conference – Bus rental. 

Select the region.

 If you do not have Proceedo access rights, contact a colleague in your department/equivalent who has.

I want to book a taxi. How can I do that?

Air/train taxi journeys booked in conjunction with an air/rail journey must be booked through the travel agent to ensure the correct price of the journey and the correct references on the invoice.

SLU has called for the Kammarkollegiet's procurement for government authorities regarding taxi services in connection with flights/trains. We therefore use the company Flygtaxi. The travel agency can book them in connection with air and train travel in Sweden.

If your trip only involves a taxi, you can book it yourself via the local taxi company. Taxi service is not procured through the Kammarkollegiet and thus cannot be booked through the travel agency.

Do I get to keep the compensation paid out when a flight is delayed?

Yes. EU regulations stipulate that compensation is to be paid to the passenger, even if a company or other organisation paid for the ticket. You will need to settle this issue with the airline.

I have a question regarding environment and climate compensation. Who can I contact?

For questions related to environment and climate compensation, contact

I have a question regarding my travel invoice. Who can I contact?

For questions related to your travel invoice, contact

Further questions

If you have any other questions that have not been answered here, please email


For questions related to your travel and the online booking system, contact

For questions related to your travel invoice, contact

For questions related to environment and climate compensation, contact

For update of the authorization to book for others, contact

If you need help with the online booking system, see the FAQ and the manual in the online system under Services.