Staff development review

Last changed: 10 April 2024

All SLU employees must have an annual, prepared and structured dialogue with their immediate manager regarding their duties and the conditions required to succeed. The staff development review aims to further the individual’s and department’s/division’s development by evaluating the past and discussing what could be developed in the future.

The review is an opportunity to clarify objectives and expectations of the employee. Subsequently, the discussion between manager and employee becomes an important part of the quality work at the department/division.

The staff development review allows the employee to submit viewpoints, proposals and ideas regarding their personal duties, as well as the department's/division's work in general and the work environment. It is also an opportunity to submit personal development requests and discuss relationships with colleagues and the manager in question. It also allows the employee to have a dialogue with their manager in peace and quiet.

The staff development reviews gives the manager increased insight into the employee's work and workplace situation. It also provides a current overview of the department/division in regard to capacity, development needs, employee skills and view of the work environment. Additionally, managers get feedback on their own leadership.

The review is a mutual process where both parties are responsible for the content, and must come prepared. In order for the review to be successful, it is important that both manager and employee read the staff development review template beforehand, and consider questions and areas that should be discussed. If necessary, the template can be modified to better correspond to various parts of SLU operations.

The review takes about one hour and is summarized in a document that will be followed up continually, as well as during the next salary-setting appraisal/salary appraisal.

Staff development review - template


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