Advisory bodies

Last changed: 07 May 2019

Vice-Chancellor's Management Group

The Vice-Chancellor's Management Group has the task of promoting quality, relevance and collaboration in research, education and environmental monitoring and assessment at SLU.

The group is a forum for discussion of overall in-house issues, university-wide strategies and future issues. It also provides decision-making suppport to the vice-chancellor and the deans.

The group consists of

  • the vice-chancellor
  • the deputy vice-chancellor
  • the pro vice-chancellors for EMA (Environmental Monitoring and Assessment), external collaboration and international relations
  • the four deans
  • the head of university administration
  • the head of the Division of Communication 
  • the chair of Sluss (the Joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU).

The group usually meets every second Monday.

Board of Education (UN)

UN is a general body for the university that is tasked with handling strategic issues intended to support, coordinate, stimulate and develop education at Bachelor’s and Master's level.

The Board of Education is a decicion-making body, submits proposals to the university board and the vice-chancellor, and delegates tasks to the programme boards.

Council for Animal Healthcare and Related Clinical Research and Education (DKU Council)

The council's tasks include providing support to the vice-chancellor on issues related to the University Animal Hospital and monitoring collaboration between animal healthcare and related clinical research and teaching.

Council for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Fomar)

Fomar is the coordinating body for SLU’s environmental monitoring and assessment. It is also the preparatory body for the vice-chancellor and SLU’s Management Group in policy and development issues relating to environmenatl monitoring and assessment.

Council for External Collaboration (Sar)

The Council for External Collaboration is a university-wide body tasked with drafting proposals for joint collaboration activities. The council is responsible for SLU's collaboration strategy and also acts as coordinator of the strategy.

Council for PhD Education (Fur)

Fur is a joint university body dealing with overall strategic issues with the aim to support, coordinate, stimulate and develop doctoral education.

Council of Researchers (For)

For is a forum for dialogue between researchers and the vice-chancellor on strategically important research issues. The council also assists the university management in assessing cases of particular importance before decisions by the board or the vice-chancellor. 

IT Council

The IT Council is a forum for dialogue on IT-related issues from an operations perspective. The council's tasks include monitoring external as well as in-house cooperation projects and strategic IT projects, and gathering intelligence focusing on IT in research, environmental assessment and teaching and learning.

Library Council (Bir) 

Bir is a joint body for the university management, the faculties and the library. Its task is to deal with all strategic issues concerning the library's activities.

The council is made up of representatives of the university management, the faculties and the library, as well as student representatives.

Student Welfare Council (Strå) and the student welfare groups

Strå is a joint university body that works with student welfare issues. Strå’s activities are aimed at students at Bachelor's and Master's level.

On every campus there is a study welfare group or equivalent responsible for student welfare issues at local level.

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