Council for Research Infrastructure (Fir)

Last changed: 15 October 2020

SLU has extensive research infrastructure and it is important that it is widely used, efficiently managed and well coordinated. Fir is a forum for discussion between the faculties and other relevant functions, such as the library and the Division of IT, and supports the vice-chancellor on university-wide issues related to research infrastructure.

Fir is composed of a chair (pro vice-chancellor), one representative from each faculty and one student representative. All faculty representatives must have personal substitutes. The library director and the IT director (or representatives appointed by them) have the right to attend and speak, as has one representative appointed by the Council for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Fomar).

Research infrastructure is defined here as facilities, equipment, laboratories and e-infrastructures used in research, which does not exclude their use in teaching or environmental assessment.

The tasks of Fir are to:

  • be a joint body for the university and the faculties with the task of addressing overall strategic issues as well as supporting, coordinating, stimulating and developing research infrastructure;

  • present proposals to the vice-chancellor for decisions on SLU-wide, national and international research infrastructure;

  • monitor national and international research infrastructure development;

  • contribute to an increased exchange of knowledge and experience within the university regarding research infrastructure;

  • contribute to efficient use of resources through increased accessibility and shared use of the university's research infrastructure;

  • contribute to increased collaboration on research infrastructure with other universities, authorities and external stakeholders;

  • be a forum for strategic discussion on research and environmental data issues related to research infrastructures.

Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel is currently chair of Fir. The other members are listed in the decision on Fir members (in Swedish).