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Doctoral education

On these pages you will find information for doctoral students or staff working with doctoral education. 

Need to talk to someone?

If you feel a need to talk to someone, a counsellor or psychologist, you can contact either the Occupational healthcare (företagshälsovården) or your local health centre (vårdcentral). You are also welcome to contact the University Chaplaincy (universitetskyrkan), they are open for everyone regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. The Doctoral student ombudsman/counsellor at SLU is also available for advice and support. 

Professional development and future career for doctoral students

For doctoral students, there are many different ways to develop their skills and many different career paths. It may be wise to discuss plans for future careers with the supervisor group, so that courses and education can be planned with the career plans in mind.

Published: 04 March 2022 - Page editor: lotta.jaderlund@slu.se