The doctoral student ombudsman/counsellor

Last changed: 29 November 2021

Picture of doctoral ombudsman Monika AppelMy name is Monika Appel, and I am the doctoral student ombudsman/counsellor here at SLU. In my role as ombudsman, is to monitor your and other doctoral students work situation and strive to make sure that you get the help that you are entitled to. I give individual support and counselling, and try to find solutions to problems that may arise in you position as a doctoral student.

I cannot solve all problems, but I will help you find the right channels and people to contact in order to ensure that your doctoral studies go as smoothly as possible. It is also important to know that no information you give me will be passed on without your approval.

If you have concerns, you may also:

  • talk to your colleagues and the PhD student council. Questions that may be difficult for an individual to raise can be adressed as matters of principle for the whole group (vacation, parental leave, teaching, salaries etc.);
  • talk to the director of PhD studies at the department or faculty;
  • contact the trade union and talk to a safety officer