Doctoral Student Ombudsman (DO)

Last changed: 01 July 2024

An ombudsman is a representative for someone else, in this case a doctoral student. The doctoral student ombudsman (DO) Monika Appel gives individual support and counselling to doctoral students and support SLU, the PhD student councils and Sluss in issues regarding doctoral students.

You are welcome to contact the DO if you experience problems during your doctoral student education:

  • DO provides personal support, information and individual counselling to all doctoral students at SLU
  • DO can help you in an informal way to investigate your case
  • DO can monitor whether SLU follows the rules in handling your case
  • DO cannot inflict penalties on SLU, or make changes to rules or official decisions, but can assist you on how to move forward
  • DO cannot solve everything, but may refer you to other relevant bodies, if applicable.


The doctoral student ombudsman is bound by professional secrecy. They will only share information if you have given your permission. However, this does not apply if your life or someone else’s life is in danger.

Contact details

The easiest thing to do if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment is to email the doctoral student ombudsman. You only need to write that you would like to book an appointment – there is no obligation to tell them why.