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Welcoming new students

This page will be continually updated with information on the welcoming of new students for the 2024 autumn semester.

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The welcoming of new students has 3 parts:

1. Webinars:

    • Welcome webinars: 16 April, 16 and 17 July
    • Webinar about tuition fees: 18 April
    • Webinar about tuition fees and recidence permit: 19 June

3. Orientation programme: 26-30 August

4. Start of the semester and roll-call: 2 September


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Part 2 - Orientation programme 26-30 August

Orientation programme is open to newly admitted international and Swedish students. The purpose of this week is to share important information on SLU and studying in Sweden, while at the same time making sure students have a good time and get to know their fellow students. 

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Part 3 – Roll-call day, 2 September

The third part will take place on 2 September, the first day of the semester, and includes the following:

  • A welcome ceremony for newly admitted programme students including a welcome greeting from one of SLU's Vice-Chancellors.

  • Coffee and questions

  • Programme-specific roll-call
  • Student unions activities
    The student unions also have activities planned for roll-call day.

Important dates

New student

On this page, you will find information for new students.

Students on the Uppsala campus

Ny student

Här hittar du välkomstinformation for nyantagna studenter.

Students on the Uppsala campus

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Published: 15 March 2024 - Page editor: utb-webb@slu.se