Teaching in Higher Education, basic course

Last changed: 06 November 2019

Main target group

The target group for this course includes new instructors and instructors that have not yet taken a basic education course, doctoral students, and all other teaching staff at SLU.

The course is equivalent to the "Grundkurs i Högskolepedagogik”. It is taught using distance learning technology with three face-to-face meetings (2+2+2 days). 

Aim of the course

The participants of this course develop knowledge and skills to obtain a pedagogical platform to be able to work as professional teachers at the university level. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the participant is expected to be able to:

  • Reflect about the role of the teacher, for example one’s understanding of knowledge and how to treat students.
  • Describe how you as a teacher can integrate sustainable development, gender equality, and internationalization perspectives into your teaching.
  • Plan diverse teaching activities/sessions, justifying the choice of intended learning outcomes, assessment methods, and teaching and learning activities.
  • Describe your department's position in the university’s organization and reflect over your department’s culture and learning environment in relation to your work as a teacher.
  • Communicate a message through an oral presentation.
  • Problematize didactical challenges and questions by critically examining a teaching situation.
  • Describe how groups function in different educational situations.


This course corresponds to 3 weeks of full-time work.


This course is taught in English. 


3900 kr
The course and the course literature is free for PhD- students at SLU
For others, please note that you will be charged an additional cost for course literature.

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