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For teachers and directors of study

Directors of studies and teachers need relevant information to carry out their mission. Here is a list of web pages of various kinds, including news and events, considered to be of interest to a teacher/director fo studies.

There are 43 pages tagged with For teachers and directors of studies:

IDA- How interdisciplinarity has affected academic careers

How interdisciplinarity has affected academic careers futurefood@slu.se Welcome to the series of lunch webinars on interdisciplinary science at SLU. In this webinar, Jessica Abbott, known from

Independent work at NJ faculty

Here you can find regulations, different forms and information about available projects at the departments. Coordination For some main subject areas, the Independent project courses are given by

IDA-Hur kan man jobba praktiskt med tvärvetenskap-ENG

How can you work practically with interdisciplinarity? futurefood@slu.se Welcome to the series of lunch webinars on interdisciplinary science at SLU. In this webinar, Marie Stenseke, Professor at

Apply for seed funding from SLU Global

The aim of the call is to support researchers and other staff at SLU in initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in line with the Policy for SLU’s global contribution

Workshop – Developing a compelling Formas grant proposal

lars-erik.lindell@slu.se Information and tips for Formas open call. Formas is a Swedish research council for sustainable development. It funds high quality, societally relevant research within the

The 2023 Student Barometer – are you happy at SLU?

Between 20 February and 10 March, SLU students will be invited to participate in a survey. The Student Barometer is a way for students to share their thoughts and opinions about their studies and

New template in Canvas will make it easier to work with course rooms

The template will make it easier for teaching staff when they create content in their course rooms. For example when new courses are set up and when integrating with other information outside of

Call for funding for educational development projects

The Board of Education has allocated SEK 1.5 million in 2023 for strategic initiatives aimed at further developing SLU's education at undergraduate and advanced level. The initiative relates to

AI & AI (Artificial Intelligence and Academical Integrity)

Educational seminar: AI & AI (Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity) ld-webb@slu.se ChatGPT and similar AI-based textbots raises a number of questions concerning academic integrity, as AI

Popular Science Communicating Forest Research

Increasingly the scientific community is recognizing the important role of ‘storytelling’ through popular science. Popular science outputs vary on the level of ‘creativity’. On one end of the

Project course, advanced course

An advanced course in education which aims to further develop the participants in their role as teacher and also encourage to reflections on teaching issues at your own departement.

Teaching Active E-learning

A course that aims to develop the skill to use active e-learning by using the ideas from the ”Flipped Classroom”.