Last changed: 14 December 2023

Salary payment

Salaries will be paid out from Swedbank on the 25th of each month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or public holiday, payment will be made on the closest working day.

To be able to receive your salary payment, you must register your bank account details with the Swedbank account register.

  • Register your Swedish bank account here.
  • You will need to visit a Swedbank branch if you have a foreign bank account. Complete this form and take it with you. 

If you do not register your account details, your salary will be sent a payment slip you will need to deposit yourself.

Tax card

When you are hired, you must immediately send your preliminary tax card to the Payroll Unit. Contact Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) if you have not received a tax card.

Income statement

Every January you will receive a specific income statement for the past year. Use the statement as a basis for your income tax return.

Reimbursement for business trips

When you go on business trips, you will be reimbursed for your travel expenses. SLU will reimburse you for your ticket or give you a car allowance. You may also be entitled to a subsistence allowance. Some of the reimbursement counts as salary and will impose taxes.

Before a business trip, vaccination may be necessary in some cases. Contact your healthcare centre or vaccination agency for information on which vaccines are needed. In order for the cost to be invoiced to the department/equivalent, contact occupational health services.