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NJ Faculty

Information for NJ faculty employees.

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Most visited

Links to some of the most visited web pages. More information about the organization, administration support and current affairs is available from the main menu.

Letter from the Dean: Some News about Undergraduate Education

We work continuously to increase the application numbers for NJ's educations. It is about improved marketing of our programs, but we will also need to review the content of the programs.

Vice Dean Jon-Petter Gustafsson, photo.

Election to the faculty board

The four faculties each have their own page with information about the election. The pages are updated as decisions are made. Here you will also find general information about the election process.

Co-funding of doctoral students

The faculty board has decided to co-fund externally funded doctoral students employed at the faculty during the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2026.

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The faculty is responsible for several scholarships available to Bachelor’s and Master’s students, as well as researchers and doctoral students. Some scholarships are also available to graduates.

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Faculty news

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